Our company

We care for people

A company active in growth. In the growth of tomatoes and in the growth of people.

Agro Care is one of the leading tomato producers in Europe. At seven locations in three countries, we grow a complete range, tailored to the needs of our customers: large retail chains. With a total cultivation area of 261 hectares, we can deliver all year round. In the winter, when there is insufficient natural light in the Netherlands, we use supplemental lighting. Another part of the production capacity comes from our branches in France, Morocco and Tunisia..

Ambitious for 25 years

The story of Agro Care begins at the end of the 1990s. School friends Kees van Veen and Philip van Antwerpen are both active in greenhouse horticulture in Westland, growing tomatoes. Kees was in paid employment, Philip was an entrepreneur. When the ambition grew to start a business together, Rilland in Zeeland came into the picture. Not a typical location for a greenhouse horticultural business, but one with competitive land prices. And above all, a location that fitted in with Kees and Philip's vision: a large-scale approach to the cultivation of tomatoes. Agro Care is born.

The grower of the future

With this development, Agro Care lays down a blueprint for vegetable cultivation companies as we know them today: large in surface area, efficient in design, modern in execution. It is a bold step. But it is also one that is typical of Agro Care: tackling the problem, aiming straight for the goal, daring to push the boundaries. Or, as the first slogan goes: 'No limits. No nonsense.' A quarter of a century later, the company has grown larger, developed more professionally and is better organised. With 'We care for people' as its motto, Agro Care is much more aware of the major role it plays for society.

Pioneer in other fields

We also played a pioneering role in other areas. For example, we were one of the first greenhouse horticulture companies to start using combined heat and power systems for optimum energy management. The move to yet another new horticultural area, the Wieringermeer in North Holland, was another breakthrough. At an early stage, Agro Care switched to growing under supplemental lighting in the winter. And in order to spread production optimally over the seasons, the company crossed the border to Morocco and Tunisia. Indeed: no limits.

Committed, ambitious, collaborative: our core values

Becoming the leading tomato producer in Europe in a quarter of a century. It is an achievement that can be traced back to our core values. Core values such as commitment, ambition and collaboration. Commitment can be seen in many facets: commitment to cultivation, to employees, to the environment of companies and especially to planet earth. We are as ambitious as ever, with further growth - of both the company and our people - in sight. And collaboration has been the catalyst behind our stormy growth right from the start: with sales organizations, retailers, seed companies, packaging companies and employment agencies.

Management of Agro Care