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Desert Joy

For Agro Care, borders have never really existed. Not even on a map. Right from the start, founders Philip van Antwerpen and Kees van Veen chose to start growing outside the Westland region, in Zeeland and the northern part of North Holland. And now Agro Care's tomatoes even come from Tunisia. Philip: 'It may not be an obvious choice, but it is a location that is logistically convenient. Tunisia has more hours of sunshine in the winter than Spain and a better climate than Morocco.

Branch director: Philip van Antwerpen

Afro Care

If we want to grow tomatoes anyway, why not grow them for a better world?

Desert Joy is the name of the location in Tunisia where Agro Care grows tomatoes. The company is in El Hamma, on the edge of the Sahara. Here we have been active since 2012, on an area of 48 hectares. Cherry tomatoes, mini truss tomatoes and snack tomatoes in different colors are grown in professional greenhouses. Producing in Tunisia (and on 18.5 hectares in Agadir, Morocco) is an effective way to supply tomatoes in the winter months as well. In Tunisia, there is more than enough natural light during that period. Other conditions are also favourable, such as the availability of labour and water. By using geothermal energy, the greenhouses are heated and cooled with water from the ground. Solar panels reduce energy consumption.

Working toward a higher standard of living

In countries like Tunisia and Morocco, we are not just growers. We are an important employer in regions with few jobs, and thus a target of income for dozens of families. Employees are given the opportunity to develop themselves. Significantly, both African locations operate almost exclusively with local employees. We take good care of employees and their families. With a salary, of course, that enables them to build a life. But also with good healthcare, such as a nurse on site and dental checks. With the introduction of Fairtrade snack tomatoes, we give our end users the opportunity to support the local population.

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Desert Joy

CP 6095, Chenchou km 20, Gabes, Tunesië
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