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Quality Tomato Morocco

The Agadir region is a horticultural hotspot. Tomatoes, peppers, blueberries and raspberries are grown there. Agro Care has also settled here. Cultivation takes place in plastic film greenhouses, which are common in this region. Greenhouses are not heated. The company is operational in the period from September-August to May-June; after that, it is too warm for tomato production. With the production in the winter months, Morocco increases the lower production in that period in the Netherlands.

In addition to the 18 hectares of our own greenhouses, external 'outgrowers' also contribute to production. Agro Care supports them with growing advice and with the supply of materials under favourable conditions. This fits in with the strategy of entering into long-term relationships with growers. Through Fairtrade certification, we also contribute to better living conditions for the local population.

Branch director: Stijn Weijns

Quality Tomato Morocco

Agadir - Morocco

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