Total range

At Agro Care we grow a complete range of tomatoes for every moment of the day and every use.

Consumers don't eat the same tomatoes every day. And not at every moment either. That's why Agro Care grows a complete range for as many uses as possible. The common thread in that wide selection? We always choose the optimum variety within a segment. Selected for essential characteristics such as taste, firmness and shelf life. We are constantly looking for even better varieties. In close cooperation with seed companies, we work on optimising the assortment..

Our tastemakers

Snack tomatoes

Orange snack tomatoes

Yellow cherry tomatoes

Brown snack tomatoes

Mini cherry truss tomato

Cherry plum truss tomatoes

Cocktail truss tomatoes

For the commercial process, Agro Care works with Harvest House.

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Cocktail plum truss tomatoes

Truss tomatoes

Beef tomatoes

Uniform taste, uniform quality: 365 days a year

Days with lots or little light. Seasons with heat or cold. It doesn't matter at Agro Care: retailer and consumer are always assured of tomatoes of uniform quality. And an identical taste. It's a matter of controlling all the cultivation conditions down to the smallest detail Twelve months a year, even during the low-light periods in the Dutch winter - when lighting and production in Africa are the answer. Optimising growing conditions also means: always producing sufficient volume to anticipate a large demand.