What we do

We do it together

Growing tomatoes: we do it together with nature and we do it together with partners who can do things better than us.

Growing tomatoes on a scale such as that of Agro Care is only possible if we meet the high demands that consumers and retailers place on fresh vegetables. And by using the knowledge and strength of specialists in other fields where possible.

Sustainability, our licence to produce

Few words are used more often in this day and age than 'sustainability'. Especially when it comes to the production of food, fresh food like vegetables in particular. At Agro Care, we take the challenge of producing in an environmentally friendly way seriously. Because retailers and consumers demand it. Because the sustainable development goals of the United Nations demand it. And above all because we like to take that responsibility ourselves. 'We care for people' means we aim for the well-being of the world. By growing a product that is healthy, produced under conditions that ensure the continued existence of the earth.

Seeking partnerships, because you can do more together

We are capable of a lot at Agro Care. But there is more to our production process than cultivation. For many related activities, we work together with a large number of partners. Fixed partners, because we value long-lasting relationships. We have those partners: in marketing and sales, in personnel supply, in automation, in packaging, in breeding and in the purchase of materials.