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Les Maraîchers de Normandie

The French market is an important one for Agro Care. And because the French have a preference for home-grown vegetables, we grow them at two locations in Normandy. Not a central location, but a logical one, says branch director Rik van de Bosch. The climate there is optimal for growing tomatoes. Milder winters, cooler summers. And because it's a bit further south, we have more day length.' Meat and truss tomatoes as well as loose tomatoes come from there, spread over two farms with an area of 25 hectares.

They are harvested deep red, because the French prefer a ripe product. The presentation is also geared to the critical French consumer, with pictures of Mont Saint-Michel and the French flag on the box. The majority of the staff is of French nationality, supplemented by Eastern European employees who live in France.

Branch director: Rik van den Bosch

Les Maraîchers de Normandie

La Croix au Mée 50370 Brécey - Frankrijk
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