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Agro Care Wagenpad 7

Until 1 December 2020, it was a bell pepper farm, which Agro Care has made suitable for growing tomatoes. In the near future, the 28 hectares that Wagenpad 7 covers will grow to 38 hectares, consisting of four greenhouses of 9.5 hectares each. Marcel van der Loos is responsible for cultivation and energy, while Ortwin focuses on labour and logistics. Wagenpad 7 is characterised by an enthusiastic and driven team, where the atmosphere of a family business still prevails. In addition, the company works with students on Saturdays and during the vacations, under the motto that youth is the future.

The location is now a producer of vine tomatoes. Like the other two Wieringermeer locations, Wagenpad 7 makes use of geothermal heat. A striking detail: in close cooperation with the grid operator Tennet, Agro Care is playing an important role here in stabilising the regional power grid by adjusting its own power consumption and supplying electricity to the grid.

Branch directors: Marcel van der Loos and Ortwin Dijkstra

Agro Care Wagenpad 7

Wagenpad 7, 1775 RJ Middenmeer
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