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Agro Care Wagenpad 17

This is where the roots of Agro Care lie: Wagenpad 17 was the first location of Agro Care in the Wieringermeer in 2007. The company has since continued to grow and Bas Eilander is now in charge. In recent years, '17' has undergone a process of change: from a hands-on company where hard work prevailed, the organisation has become increasingly professional. 'Make more use of the possibilities of digitisation,' says Bas. 'And listening more to the environment, better connecting with what that environment expects of us.' In the cultivation program, the location is flexible. Currently, mini truss cherry tomatoes and large truss tomatoes, also illuminated, are growing there. Next year, LED lighting will be installed in greenhouse 1 at Wagenpad 17.

Branch director: Bas Eilander

Agro Care Wagenpad 17

Wagenpad 17, 1775 RJ Middenmeer
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