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Officially, Wagenpad 11 started as a branch of merger partner Kesgro. Like the other two branches in Wieringermeer, '11' still has its own culture. People are given a great deal of freedom here, within certain margins. This means they decide for themselves what the best way is to do their work,' says branch director Paul Grootscholten.

As a Westlander, he was quickly able to settle in the northern part of the province of North Holland, just like a number of his fellow regionals who moved with him when he started out. West-Frisians can be compared to Westlanders. People who like to get things done. Temporary workers also work in the greenhouses, all of which are illuminated. Wagenpad 11 is within Agro Care's permanent producer of four greenhouses with mini plum tomatoes, one greenhouse with cocktail tomatoes and one greenhouse with medium-sized truss tomatoes.

Branch director: Paul Grootscholten

Agro Care Wagenpad 11

Wagenpad 11, 1775 RJ Middenmeer
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