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Tomatoes, and nothing but tomatoes. But what it all starts with is people. People with passion. With ambition. And with guts. Therefore: We care for people.


Last year we celebrated 25 years of Agro Care. Much has changed over the years. But not the vision it all started with: ‘No limits. No nonsense.’ A milestone to reflect on. But not for long, because Agro Care is always on the move!

25th Anniversary

Tomatoes. And nothing but tomatoes.

A complete range of tomatoes. Geared to the needs of retailer and consumer. And delivered year round from the Netherlands, France, Morocco and Tunisia..

Snack tomatoes

Orange snack tomatoes

Yellow cherry tomatoes

Brown cherry tomatoes

Mini cherry truss tomatoes

Cherry plum truss tomatoes

Cocktail truss tomatoes

Cocktail plum truss tomatoes

Truss tomatoes

Beef tomatoes