Agro Care grows its eleven varieties of tomatoes at five sites located in the Netherlands, Tunisia and Marocco.


With three different greenhouses, this is where Agro Care has its roots. The first 3.3. hectares of greenhouses were built here, at Bathpolderweg 21, in 1997. Another 3.3 hectares were added in 1998, after which there was no more space for expansion.

The next step was taken in 2002, with the construction of a new greenhouse at Nieuwe Dwarsweg 1. There was space enough here for 10 hectares of greenhouses, which were subsequently built in phases and completed in 2003.

The last greenhouse in Rilland was built in 20014, at Nieuwe Dwarsweg 10. This greenhouse covers 7.5 hectares, making the total acreage in Rilland 24.1 hectares.


Following the merger between Kesgro and Agro Care in June 2016, the Wieringermeer site was expanded by 36.8 hectares. As a result the Agro Care site in Wieringermeer now covers 93.8 hectares, while preparations are currently underway for another 18.4 hectares.

De Lier

A total of 4.2 hectares of Roma Donna (plum tomatoes on the vine) are grown in De Lier at Laan van Vijverberg 7.

El Hamma, Tunisia

Desert Joy was launched on the edge of the Sahara, near a natural warm water well, with the construction of an initial 2.5 hectares of greenhouses in 2013. Another 2.5 hectares were added in 2014, to be followed in 2015 with yet another 5 hectares.

The total acreage in Tunisia is currently 10 hectares, and hard work is already being carried out on the next 5-hectare expansion.

Click here for additional information about Desert Joy and the Fairtrade tomatoes that are grown here.

Agadir, Morocco

Agro Care grows Tombons snack tomatoes on 15 hectares of modern greenhouses in the western part of Morocco.