Pinching out new blooms, turning, pruning, cutting leaves, harvesting and packaging: these are just a few of the many tasks that need to be performed to produce attractive and – above all – tasty tomatoes. It takes quite a lot of people to ensure that our customers receive their orders perfectly, each and every day.

Agro Care and Desert Joy currently employ a workforce of 600, of which 90 are managerial staff and 500 are operational staff. These people are of inestimable value to the organisation, and we make every effort to keep their work as enjoyable and challenging as possible.

Managerial staff in the Netherlands are even able to invest in Agro Care via the Agro Care Employees’ Participation Plan.

Agro Care is always on the lookout for new staff to keep up with its continually expanding requirements. Click here to find out if there are any interesting job openings for you. Students are also invited to apply for a fun holiday or weekend job.