One of the success factors of Agro Care is collaboration.

Relatively soon after the establishment of Agro Care, founders Kees and Philip came to the conclusion that their venture would become a lot stronger if certain aspects were to be handled collectively. By making use of one another’s qualities and the understanding that you are capable of greater things when you join forces, in combination with an open mind, Agro Care was able to grow into a leading player in the global greenhouse horticulture industry.

Below are a few successful ventures in which Agro Care is a partner:

Harvest House

The collaboration that is the basis of all commercial activities is the collective driving force behind the Harvest House sales organisation. By joining forces in the area of commerce, marketing and regulations customers can rely on maximum service with a complete range of vegetables fruits.


The partnership between five Dutch tomato growers has since grown into one of the most modern, efficient and above all flexible packaging companies for vegetable fruits. Ninety-nine million kilos of tomatoes are packaged every year in 250 million packaging units at the 40,000m2 site. In addition to packaging, Greenpack also handles important logistics activities.

NL Jobs

A lot of human labour is needed to grow tomatoes. By setting up NL Jobs together with a number of growers and horticulture firms in the Westland region, Agro Care has placed a large portion of the labour needed in the production process with this temporary employment agency. NL Jobs employs around 2500 workers, most of whom come from Poland. Aside from the applicable employment terms and conditions, NL Jobs can also provide its employees with housing, education and other support services.


This IT company was founded in 1999 by and for growers with the prospect of improving the offering of labour and production registration packages that were available at the time in order to better respond to the growing, crucial role of ICT in greenhouse horticulture. Nitea has since grown into a renowned player in this field.


Axia was founded in 2011 as an innovative seed enhancement company for vegetable seeds grown in heated greenhouses, both under assimilation lighting and not.

Its initial goal was to develop distinctive varieties that excel in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Although the company was founded only a few years ago, it has already developed a number of commercial varieties. This is exceptionally fast.


Agro Care and its fellow grower Combivliet jointly established CombiCoop in 2010, a consultancy for purchasing and project management. From cultivation material to materials for new-build projects: everything these days is purchased centrally. CombiCoop also supervises new-build projects and handles large-scale maintenance for Combivliet and Agro Care.