Agro Care and Desert Joy grow the following tomato varieties distributed across their various locations in the Netherlands, Tunisia and Morocco:

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Red Pearl
Agro Care’s classic tomato remains a favourite of many of its customers. This lovely deep red tomato has an aromatic flavour; perfect for in a salad, in a sauce or simply on its own.

A lovely miniature plum tomato that has been part of the Agro Care range for many years, this pure tomato is delicious in a salad or as the basic ingredient in the ultimate pasta sauce.

Petit Sweet
This crisp, sweet miniature vine cherry tomato quickly became the favourite of many customers and consumers. A top-grade tomato of the Axiany strain developed by Axia Vegetable seeds, it is also loved by children for its perfect balance between sweet and sour, as well as its pleasant bite. The Petit Sweet variety is grown in the Netherlands as well as in Tunisia. The tomatoes are sold both individually and on the bunch.

Bella Donna
Thanks to its attractively compact bunch and the distribution of the fruit on the vine, this is not only a tasty tomato but also one that is highly attractive in terms of presentation. It’s a perfect basic ingredient for an aromatic soup or tasty tomato sauce.

Tombons Red
This crisp, sweet snack tomato is a healthy in-between-meals treat and very popular among children as well as adults. Tombons are often sold in convenient on-the-go containers so that they can easily be eaten on the road, at school or at the office.

Petit Céri Red
This classic is still favoured by many. Immediately recognisable as a cherry tomato, it has a nice bite for in a salad or a wok dish. Of course, it can also be served with drinks or as a party snack.

Tombons Orange
These lovely orange snack tomatoes are grown in the Desert Joy greenhouses. Very tasty and a little more tart than the red variety, they are often sold together with their red counterparts in a mix package.

Petit Céri Yellow
This tasty, tart yellow variant of the red cherry tomato is often part of the Fairtrade tomato mix grown in Tunisia.

Pomo Marrone
This lovely dark chocolate brown miniature cherry tomato with a delicious nutty flavour is highly favoured by food professionals, chefs and caterers on account of its unique appearance and exquisite taste. The tomatoes are sold both individually and on the bunch.